We help publishers distribute digital sheet music to music apps

Imagine your customers purchasing sheet music and getting the music delivered instantly to their favourite sheet music app. Imagine a system that handles the whole process for you. This system is getnote – digital sheet music delivery made easy.

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Distribute sheet music digitally all over the world, while maintaining your rights

getnote is a software solution that helps music publishers like you to distribute sheet music digitally in real time, while all rights stay with you

Make your products available to a broader audience

getnote connects you to sheet music apps and stores all over the world and can be connected to various sheet music apps

Leave the coding to us

getnote integrates into your existing software architectures. It enables digital distribution of sheet music without you writing software code, no matter if you sell via a webshop or want to send products manually

Here is how it works

getnote connects all elements involved in the process of digital distribution of sheet music and automises the purchase and delivery process. From the moment, when a customer purchases sheet music from a music publishers until the final delivery of the products to sheet music apps.

Your products stay safe the rights stay with you.

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We built getnote with music publishers in mind

The music publishing industry has been around for centuries and has developed its own set of business rules. We know that it is important that our software solution respects the tradition, safeguards the interest of copyright owners and is flexible enough to reflect complex licensing rules.

getnote powers the UE Digital Library at the Stauffer Center for Strings at Cremona

With getnote the Viennese music publisher Universal Edition distributed more than 1.000 pieces of sheet music to the renowned Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona – traditional values are connected to modern structures; enabling musicians to get the most out of their stay at this special place in the heart of history's most important city for Violin.

"The UE Digital Library will give our students unlimited access to hundreds of UE‘s most influential works for strings, adding tremendous value to our institution. Our artistic vision is based on innovation, sustainability, internationalism, and absolute quality, and so I could not be more delighted with this important partnership with Universal Edition, which places the Center at the forefront of technological advances within the higher education of music."

Paolo Petrocelli | General Director, Stauffer Center for Strings

Frequently asked questions

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How can I use getnote as a music publisher?

getnote is a flexible software component, that adjusts to your needs. Whether you have an online shop or want to distribute sheet music manually, getnote has you covered. Please get in touch with us so that we can understand your requirements. This consultancy is free of charge. Contact us →

Is getnote a sheet music app?

No, getnote is a service for music publishers that enables them to distribute their sheet music into various sheet music apps. Think of it like a digital postal service for your sheet music.

Does getnote support hire material as well?

Yes, you can configure your products in getnote in a way that access to sheet music for your customers is limited in time. With this feature, you can also lease sheet music to your customers for your hire business.

How much does getnote cost?

The pricing is composed of two main components, the setup and a monthly subscription fee. For detailed information please follow this link. Pricing →

Can getnote help me organizing my digital content?

Yes, we know that organizing digital content and metadata can be challenging. getnote helps you to keep an overview over your digital assets.

Can you help us with setting getnote up?

Yes, of course we can. In order to identify your personal needs and requirements, we offer you a free online consultancy session. Contact us →

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